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Nubia: Real One Sequel Announced

In DC's Black History Month anthology DC Power: A Celebration, readers were surprised by an announcement for a sequel to the critically acclaimed and award winning graphic novel Nubia: Real One. As part of DC's young adult lineup, the book follows a teenage Nubia as she discovers who she is in a world desperate to tell her everything she can't be. A story that "no superhero collection is complete without," fans have been clamoring for a continuation, and now they've got one.

The picture reminds readers that Nubia: Real One is available to read now, over art by Robyn Smith, the artist for the graphic novel itself, that depicts Nubia seemingly studying up on Themysciran etiquette, potentially in preparation to visit the isle itself.

What new adventures await the teen hero on the famed isle that is home to the Amazons?

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Hazel T
Hazel T
18 de mai.

I CAN'T WAIT!!! Let's goooo!!!

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